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3rd Goal: Gender Equality and Empowering Women, Inc.

Who We Are

Welcome, we are currently engaging those of you who are interested in Non-Profit Board Membership to consider joining us in helping others that are less fortunate than ourselves. We are located in Woodbridge, Virginia; nevertheless we are able to work with you by remote access if you are not located nearby. We are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity organization that is seeking Board Members that want to be active participants whether local to Woodbridge, Northern Virginia or those that participate via remote access.

I myself am active on two Boards at the present and I do my best to either appear in person, send emails, or call in on the phone, IM, or make use of Skype to assist, develop ideas, or fundraise when ever possible. We are seeking individuals that will do the same for our Nonprofit and that want to create long term associations and commitments when and where possible.

We are seeking those people with these skills:


Business Planning




Grant Writing

Computer Programming/Technology

Thank you for your time and interest in 3rd Goal: Gender Equality and Empowering Women, Inc. We do hope to hear from you soon!

What We Do

Our focus and sensible pursuit is to move forward in developing services to assist disadvantaged, disabled, low income, or at-risk girls and boys of Woodbridge, Virginia. Opening our site up to embrace the spirit of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Reserving the right to increase our services when possible.

In addition, 3rd Goal, Inc. also wants to provide educational services to low-income, disabled adult men and women that are seeking to improve their lives. 3rd Goal, Inc. wishes to actively engage in terms of sponsorship, or other means of research and social entrepreneurship; supporting non-profit, for-profit, and individual organizations and educational institutions that serve one of the following areas:

Poverty Relief


Gender Equality




Global Partnerships

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals are eight in number. The 3rd M.D. Goal is about Gender Equality and Empowering Women. That is what this site addresses; an attempt to live up to this and these ideals. What do we have to lose if things do not improve? Human intellectual resources that remains under-educated and under-valued. However, we will still have poverty.


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