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Northern Virginia Veterans Association

Who We Are

We are a 501c3 Nonprofit Veteran/Family supporting organization

We collaborate with community partners to facilitate our common veteran-support mission.

Vision: Be the organization where all Veterans/Military/Families and partners come together to be an important part of the solution for their local community. Be a non-competitive collaborative model focused on partnerships, action, and solutions!


  • Collaborate to Support our Common Cause 
  • Inspire Action 
  • Respect Everyone’s Service & Efforts

What We Do

We have a distinct and fundamental mission. Comprised of Veterans, active military, family members and area citizens from multiple cultural, ethnic, economic, religious and political perspectives, we work together to support Veterans through a common bond of military service and commitment.

The mission is three-fold:

We are the local proactive Veteran/Military association attracting leaders and community partners who collaborate and provide information on their mission/initiatives while offering insight on needs and solutions yielding rapid, efficient effective results. 

  • We guide and case manage those in need through our comprehensive hub of local resources including: Reintegration, Healthcare, Fitness/Recreation, Employment, Education and others
  • We collaborate with local partners to build an efficient network of services and resources in order to provide streamlined services and a warm handoff to our veterans and their families
  • We are a rally point for Veterans/military/supporters to team up and support other Veterans through ours and others initiatives, outreach, training & volunteer opportunities