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158th Field Artillery Association

Who We Are

The purpose of the 158th Field Artillery Association is to provide the opportunity for regimental affiliation, as well as developing loyalty and commitment, fostering a sense of belonging, and to serve as a repository of lineage, honors, traditions and heraldry. We are compiling a centennial event for the year 2020.

What We Do

We are seeking volunteers to go to the NARA ( National Archives and Records Administration ) at College Park and photograph textual records. The process is fairly easy, a small digital camera is really all that is required. We have the box numbers that will be required to be "pulled" by the NARA staff, they bring the box to the research room and they provide a camera stand to mount your camera on. They its just a matter of placing the textual files on the desk, and then taking a photo. There is no charge required by the NARA. Once the file is photographed the photos are e-mailed to the association. There are approximately 30 boxes of documents.